For thousands of students, a PhD represents the culmination of years of hard study, invaluable experience and a transferrable skill set that makes you highly employable armed with a doctorate. A whopping 97% of people with a doctoral degree are employed, according to OECD Education at a Glance stats.

Each year, on average circa 25,000 students receive doctoral degrees in the UK (we are the third place for doctoral graduates behind the USA and Germany).

In a highly competitive environment, the simple but effective presentation of you and your PhD is key to your personal and professional career development.

However, carting your Big Black Book (the hardbound copy of your original thesis) is not really practical while online downloads can be too big or lost in cyberspace.

Fortunately, Academic Dragon Publishing will convert your thesis into a handy pocket-sized book. This is a fraction of the size and the weight of the Big Black Book but with just as much dramatic impact. Your published book, complete with ISBN number, will leave a lasting impression with employers, peers and students … and whoever else you want to impress or inform.

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